Supertone Spark Alnico Loudspeaker
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Supertone Spark Alnico Loudspeaker

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There are literally hundreds of speakers out there and I think we have tried them all :)

We wanted to create something that perfectly aligned with vintage style amps from the 50's, 60's and 70's and have worked with the designers at Tayden to bring you something quite unique in two distinct flavours, 'Rich' and 'Spark'. The sweetest speakers you will ever hear. 

The 'Spark' speaker is designed as an all rounder - sweet and harmonically rich with chime, midrange definition and controlled bass, working well in infinite baffle (that's totally sealed, like a 4x12) on in an open back cabinet. 

The 10 and 12 inch speakers are custom designed and made for Supertone by Tayden Loudspeaker in England. 

They are finished in British Racing Green and feature 50W power handling, Alnico V magnets which are screwed to the chassis for additional reliability and hand doped cones.